I have worked, conducted research, and studied in Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Spain and the United States. I began my professional career as an employee in the management audit department of a state-owned airline and my most recent job was as a consultant for the World Bank. I have worked as a management consultant at Andersen Consulting, coordinator for a network of community based organizations and community development corporations in Massachusetts, and co-owned and managed a small business. My research addresses the development of organizations and interorganizational arrangements involving multiple goals, e.g. profit and service, or learning and serving.

Selected publications

Dorado, S. & M. J. Ventresca.  Forthcoming. Crescive entrepreneurship in complex social problems:  Institutional conditions for entrepreneurial engagement.  Journal of Business Venturing.

Dorado, S. & D. Shaffer.  2011. Governance Among Confounding Logics: The Case of DePaul IndustriesJournal of Social Entrepreneurship 11:4: 319- 343.

Dorado.  2010.  A peopled view of institutional work: The emergence of commercial microfinance in Bolivia. Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management Conference. (Winner of the 2010 Carolyn Dexter Award to the best international paper.)

Battilana, J. & S. Dorado.  2010. Organization building amid multiple institutional logics: The case of commercial microfinance organizations." Academy of Management Journal, 53(6): 1419:1440.  (This paper will appear in the Institutional Theory in Organization Studies (volume four), (2012) edited by R, Greenwood, K. Sahlin-Anderson, R. Suddaby, and C. Oliver (eds.) and it has been showcased in National Public Radio Harvard Business School Working knowledge series, and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.)

Dorado, S., Giles, Jr., D. E., & Welch, T. 2009.  Delegation of coordination and outcomes in cross-sector partnerships: The case of service learning partnerships. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 38, 3: 368-391.

Dorado, S. 2006.  Social entrepreneurial ventures: Different values so different process of creation, no? Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 11 (4), 319-343.

Dorado, S. 2005.  Institutional entrepreneurship, partaking, and convening. Organization Studies, 26 (3), 383-413.

Dorado, S. & Giles Jr., D.E.  2004.  Service-Learning partnerships: Paths of engagement.  Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 11, 1: 25-37.  (Adopted, as part of their toolkit, by the University of Alabama's service learning program

Working papers

Dorado, S.  Revise and resubmit.  It takes a small-group. A micro exploration of field shaping in the context of the emergence of commercial microfinance in Bolivia.  Organizations Studies.

Carre F., J. Herranz, S. Dorado.  Conditionally accepted.  Alternative Staffing Organizations in “ Blended workforce:      Management and organization organization of temporary agency work.  Edited by Nathalie Galais (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg), Christina Garsten, (Stockholm University), Bas Koene (Rotterdam School of Management).

Dorado, S. Invited to submit.  "Microfinance after 2008."  In Routledge Companion to Entrepreneurship edited by Ted Baker (North Carolina State University) and Friederike Welter (Jönköping University)

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