The Visible Virtual Machine (VVM)

VVM logoThe Visible Virtual Machine (VVM) is a visual based, virtual computing environment that allows the student user to create a program, and then to actually view the execution of the program within the (virtual) CPU of the VVM machine. The system is based on the well-known Little Man Computer (LMC) model of computing.

VVM is intended as an aid for teaching fundamental concepts of computer hardware and software. It is appropriate for use in a college-level course in Computing Concepts, Computer Architecture, Programming Concepts, or the like. The application is provided free to faculty and to students who wish to use it in their courses. Here is a Partial List of Schools and organizations where students have used VVM in their studies.

The system was designed and written by Dr. Stu Westin of The University of Rhode Island.

The current version is 5.0.5. The software is void of all warranties, either expressed or implied. The current version does not require an access key and will not expire.

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